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William Meppem

William Meppem portraitWilliam is recognised as one of Australia’s premium food and lifestyle photographers, with his work instantly recognisable for its effortlessly gorgeous lighting and composition.

William’s personal photographic style can be described simply as ‘premium luxe’ – as he creates feasts for the eyes across the subjects of food, lifestyle, interiors, hotels and products.

His imagery feels timeless, emanating sophistication and beauty, as he always cleverly captures his subject in a way that makes it supremely desirable. 

William possesses an innate instinct for the perfect composition and lighting, which is why whether shooting a hot new chef, a garden party on the shores of Lake Como, or new burger for a fast-food chain, William’s work is always polished and sophisticated.

Having worked extensively in both New York and London, William understands and is able to adapt his style to meet the variances of different international market requirements, and as a result is a favourite with many brands across Asia, USA and Europe.

William's international and domestic advertising clients' include Qantas, Australian Prawn Industry, Hungry Jacks, Domino, Helgas, Sun Rice, Hungry Jacks, Virgin Australia, Masterfoods, Subway, McDonalds, Vogels, Helgas, Nestle, Coles, Woolworths, Simon Johnson, Tip Top, Birds Eye, Domayne, Harvey Norman, Westfield, Jme Collection – Jamie Oliver, Moet, Wolf Blass, Pernod Ricard, Holiday Inn, United Airlines, Orien Cruises, Energy Australia and BHG.

William's gorgeous imagery also features regularly in Australian Gourmet Traveller and Donna Hay Magazine, as well as in the books Fast Fresh Simple and Simple Dinners by Donna Hay, My Family Feast by Sean Connolly, Cook for your Life by Ian Thorpe, French Kitchen and Summer Food by Serge Dansereas, Arabesque and Turquoise by Greg Malouf, The Botanical Hotel, Bathers Pavilion II and various other titles.