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Murray Fredericks

Murray_FredericksHighly awarded, respected and collected in the art world, Murray manages to transfer the unique capabilities that feature in his art, into the commercial sphere for premium brands.

Renowned as Australia’s best-known architecture and time-lapse photographer, he is admired amongst his peers for his innovative development of techniques that allow him to work with difficult and expansive environments and spaces. Murray creates premium photography of the built and natural environment, for architects, designers and other businesses.

It is not just his technical excellence that sets him apart ... it is the emotion and grandeur that Murray’s imagery captures that is simply breathtaking!

One of Murray’s unique skills lie in photographing subjects that are often too expansive to light using conventional methods. Using his specially developed techniques to enhance the ambient light, the subjects are interpreted in their optimum state, and decreases the time and budget required.

Increasingly in demand for his innovative time-lapse direction, Murray is often able to offer clients the opportunity to maximize their content deliverables by complimenting his stills work with motion-imagery.

Murray’s personal projects include a major production for Screen Australia/ABC "Like nothing on Earth" that follows him on his conceptual photography and time-lapse project in Greenland.  He is also well known for the highly internationally awarded documentary SALT, a seven year journey shooting on the salt lake of Lake Eyre, culminating in sold out exhibitions across the world and a slew of cinematography awards.

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