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Ian & Erick

Ian and Erick portraitWith their natural, sincere and honest lifestyle photographic style, these awarded Photographers shoot extensively in Europe and the USA as well as Australia.

Passionate about art, music, fashion, youth culture and individuality, Ian & Erick’s imagery evokes escapism and a playful spontaneity.  Creative inspiration combined with techniques of clever composition, allow Ian & Erick to successfully capture visual narrative vignettes for the youth and lifestyle markets.

Creating beautiful pictures that in essence feel real, both their personal and advertising work is fresh, spirited, liberal and exciting!

Identical twins originally from French Mauritius, the first thing that people ask us is how does it work?  It really is the perfect collaboration, where Ian connects and directs the talent, whilst Erick is the master of technical.  It is extraordinary to watch, and essentially their clients get two fantastic artists in the one fee.

Australian advertising favourties, Ian & Erick are a dream combination of easygoing and yet highly experienced.

Their incredible limited edition underwater art series command significant prizes in the international art market, and they have won and placed in the International Photo Awards, Hasselblad Masters and American Aperture Awards.

Friday studio is their newly renovated industrial space in West Perth, and is a hub for all the cool creative cats in WA.

Ian & Erick’s clients include Skyy Vodka, Bankwest, RAC, Red Bull, Shell, Bolle, Smith Sunglasses, Hurley, Quiksliver, O’Neill, Lululemon, Woodside, Lend Lease, The Wealth Partners, iiNet, Etnies and Australian Tourism. They have also featured in National Geographic and The Australian Magazine.

Visit the website of Ian & Erick
Visit the Instagram of Ian & Erick