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Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth portrait

Living and breathing her self-created ethos “design is nothing without style, and style is nothing without design”, Emma Elizabeth Coffey is a highly innovative fusion of Art Direction, Design, Styling and Creative Conceptualization.

Emma Elizabeth’s styling reflects over a decades worth of experience she has in design, and this gives her clients a unique opportunity to present their products with innovative visual scenarios. 

Her styling portfolio encompasses a wonderful variance around her design strength, including creating elaborate sets for TVC’s, original themed pop-up stores, locations and costume creation for character driven advertising campaigns, designing and implementing the bars and runways for events, and themed styling for major international hotel brands.

Emma’s transcontinental studies included, commencing in Architecture & Interior courses here in Australian then heading overseas to take on a short course in Fashion Styling at Central St Martin's College in London, then heading over to Italy to complete a degree in Commercial Interior Design (Scenografia) from the acclaimed Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan.

Emma Elizabeth Designs launched her freelance practice in Milan, during Milan's Design Week at Zona Tortona in 2006, then returned to Australia to use her multi disciplinary styling skills to work with clients such as: Westfield, The Four Season’s Hotel Group, Breville, Moet & Chandon, Commonwealth Bank, Elle Bache, Telstra, MLA Beef, The Ivy/Merivale, Coles, KAS, Woolworths, Rosemount, Hoyts, Chadstone, Electrolux, Lindt, OPSM, Moffitt & Moffitt and Indooroopilly. Extending to event clients including: Moet & Chandon, Sheridan, David Jones, Dom Perignon, Harpers Bazaar, Peroni, KAS, Coles, Rosemount Fashion Week, Westfield, Huggies and Fine Wine Partners, just to name a few.

Emma Elizabeth has been featured in a series of national and international publications including: VOGUE UK, VOGUE LIVING, FRAME Magazine, Belle Magazine, (inside), Home Beautiful, Inside Out Magazine, InStyle etc. Also receiving a series of accolades nationally in the form of finalists in: Peroni Young Designer of the Year, Audi Women InStyle Scholarship, SOYA,  MOOOI & Space Furniture Design Awards. She also has a range of contemporary rugs with renowned Australian company Designer Rugs. 

Emma Elizabeth is also the founder and creative director of a new Australian initiative called LOCAL DESIGN, having being born out of her years of experience traveling the global design circuit within the first online design vlog venture THE DESIGN VLOG.

Emma Elizabeth is a creative force in a Miu Miu dress.

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