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Dean Zillwood

Dean Zillwood portrait Internationally awarded creative Advertising Photographer Dean Zillwood is blessed with a creative originality that is unique.  This New Zealander’s skill at conveying a clear and strong message via a simple visual story, personifies Dean’s photographic style.

Working between Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Dean combines this abundant creativity with an uncanny ability to comprehend and impressively deliver a brief above the expectations of the Creative teams that he collaborates with.

A master of creative problem-solving for complicated briefs, Dean is often able to work through technical solutions in an effective and exciting way. He loves the challenge of working collaboratively to capture as much as possible of the image concept in-camera, however he also loves the opportunity to bring a unique grade to his work if the brief allows.

This makes him a favorite with Creatives for his final outcomes, and Account Service love him for his strong commitment to budget containment.

Dean is known internationally for his creative conceptual advertising, however he also successfully utilises his exceptional clear-message skills to creative lifestyle imagery for various corporate, car, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, banking, retail and rural clients.

Dean’s photography always nails a brief and is full of humor, passion, empathy and interest.

Dean's imagery has won an impressive number of international creative advertising awards, of which a Silver Lion at Cannes and a Gold medal at Adfest Asia are highlights.

Across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, some of Dean's client include CoPlavix, Viva, Lego, Viva, Berocca, Olympus, Panasonic, Bose, Foxtel, St George Bank, New Zealand Racing Board, Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Justice, Indo Pacific, La Traviata, Pura, Footnate Dance Company, Bank of NZ, Telecom NZ, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, All Blacks Rugby, Air New Zealand, Plunket Wineries NZ and various premium development companies.

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